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Team : Soft Matter


The research program of the Soft Matter team encompasses a broad variety of systems such as liquid crystals, surfactants, polymers, colloids and biomimetic systems. We aim at relating macroscopic properties to microscopic structure. Our research themes are: (i) Physics of biological and biomimetic systems, (ii) Complex interfaces, (iii) Jamming, plasticity and material failure, (iv) Soft matter for agronomy and environment, and (v) Soft Composites.
In each area of research we design model systems from commercial or newly synthesized molecules for better understanding of the phenomena. Various experimental techniques are used in order to get informations on braod length and time scales. Light, X-rays and neutron scattering; optical microscopy, rheology, microfluidics and micromanipulations.
The Soft Condensed Matter Team is currently composed of about 30 scientists (including 13 research fellows and faculty members), see this link. To know more about our reserch activities, please refer to our peer-reviewed articles by clicking here.




ALEXANDRE Daniel email: daniel_AT_univ-montp2.fr Position : CR CNRS Departement: CVN Team: Soft Matter Research Topic : Physics of biological and biomimetic systems MEDFAI Mayssa email: medfaimeysa_AT_yahoo.fr Position : PhD student (Supervision : NOBILI M. and IN M.) Departement: CVN Team: Soft Matter Research Topic : Surface and Bulk Microrheology of visco-elastic systems. SALMI Hanène email: salmi.hanene_AT_live.fr Position : post-doc (Supervision : MASSIERA G. and IN (...)

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Scientific Topics

Physics of biological and biomimetic systems Complex interfaces Jamming, plasticity and material failure Soft matter for agronomy and environment Soft Composites

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Our latest articles: link. Off-Equilibrium Surface Tension in Colloidal Suspensions (Truzzolillo et al. PRL 2014): Quelle est la tension de surface entre deux fluides miscibles ? Actualités Institut de Physique CNRS. In the framework of the Labex CheMISyst, we organize a workshop “Ultrasound and Fluid Interfaces” on May, 22 (2014) at L2C in Montpellier, see the link. We are currently organizing a Softcomp topical workshop titled "Fracture of soft materials: from soft solids to complex (...)

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23.07.2014: 6-month Postdoc position. We always encourage applications from highly motivated, intelligent and hard-working students and postdoctoral fellows. Note that poorly written, obscure, and mass-mailed applications will not be considered. Please also check the personal pages of the team and the PhD Opportunities (depends on period of the year) of our lab. For your (...)

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The soft matter team is specialized in experimental studies of soft matter systems. We develop and study our systems using a variety of instruments which are well suited for the characterization of the structure and dynamics, covering many time and length scales. Optical microscopy& tweezers and image analysis Static and dynamic light scattering Multispeckle static and dynamic light scattering Confocal microscope - PERKIN-ELMER Rheology Rheology platform Strain-controlled (...)

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Links related to soft matter websites

[fr]Une sélection (non exhaustive) de sites web et de laboratoires autour de la matière molle: [en] A (non exhaustive) selection of web sites and labs around soft matter research: Le Laboratoire Matière et Systèmes Complexes (Paris). Le Laboratoire de physique des solides (Orsay). Le Centre de recherche Paul Pascal (Bordeaux). Le Laboratoire de Physique de la Matière Condensée et Nanostructures. Le Laboratoire Léon Brillouin (CEA Saclay). Le Laboratoire Interdisciplinaire sur (...)

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Soft Matter group picture : 2014, 2012

. GROUP PICTURE : . . 2014 2012

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