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Thème : Nanophysique des surfaces des verres


Atomic Force Microscopy is a powerful instrumental technique to acquire local information on surface properties of materials. The group “Physique des Verres” uses and develops thoroughly the instrument to characterise with metrological care the physico-chemistry of glass surfaces.

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+ Structure of alumina-silica nanoparticles grafted withalkylphosphonic acids in poly(ethylacrylate) nanocomposites doi link

Auteur(s): Schmitt pauly Céline, Genix A.-C.(Corresp.), Alauzun Johan G., Jestin Jacques, Sztucki Michael, Mutin P. Hubert, Oberdisse J.

(Article) Publié: Polymer, vol. 97 p.138-146 (2016)


Morphology of glass surfaces

Involved researchers : M. Ciccotti, M. George, F. Lechenault, G. Pallarès
(Collaboration E. Bauchaud, C. Rountree, D. Bonamy – CEA Saclay)
Morphology of polished glass surfaces or of fracture (...)

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Measurement of 3D strain/stress field

Involved researchers : M. Ciccotti, M. George, A. Grimaldi, G. Pallarès
(Collaboration S. Roux – ENS Cachan)
In order to investigate in situ propagation of a crack by local scanning probe (...)

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Wetting properties of glass surfaces

Involved researchers : M. Ciccotti, M. George, M. Flemming, A. Grimaldi, G. Pallarès
(Collaboration E. Charlaix – LPMCN, UCB Lyon 1)
Phase imaging and innovative higher order harmonics (...)

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Fracture dynamics in the peeling of adhesives

Involved researchers : M. Ciccotti (collaboration : L. Vanel, LPMCN, UCLB, Lyon – P-P. Cortet, FAST, Paris XI, Orsay)
Using a high speed camera, we study the peeling dynamics of an adhesive tape (...)

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