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Dynamique de spin dans des microcavités

n-GaAs microcavity as a tool non-perturbing nuclear spin detection

We report on the nondestructive measurement of nuclear magnetization in n-GaAs via cavity enhanced Faraday rotation. In contrast with the existing optical methods, this detection scheme does not (...)

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n-GaAs microcavity as an efficient Faraday rotator

Faraday rotation up to 19◦ in the absence of an external magnetic field is demonstrated in an n-type bulk GaAs microcavity under circularly polarized optical excitation. This strong effect is (...)

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Interaction polariton-polariton dependents de spin

Resonant transmission of light through a microcavity in the strong coupling regime is used to estimate the strength of the interaction between polaritons with parallel or antiparallel spins. (...)

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