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Theme : Intrinsic properties of individual nanotubes and graphene

Our main objective is to study individual isolated carbon nanostructures in order to address their intrinsic properties. Our overall approach involves the combined use of powerful characterization tools with diagnostics of the nanostructure physical properties. Our team capability covers many aspects involved in individual nanotube investigations. We are using a broad set of experimental techniques adapted for investigations at the single nano-object level : micro-Raman and optical spectroscopy, scanning probe microscopy, electrical and opto-electrical transport measurements. Our projects interface the expertises of our team on :
(a) sample preparation and electronic device fabrication (CVD synthesis, individual nanotube suspension processing and microfabrication techniques),
(b) the precise characterization and metrology of isolated carbon nanostructures
(c) the ability to carry out original measurements of the physical properties on individual nanostructures.

Our interests are mainly related to the investigation of individual single-walled carbon nanotubes but we are also researches on other nano-systems like grapheme or double-walled carbon nanotubes. We have developed several collaborations in various fields such as transmission electron microscopy, optical spectroscopy, chemistry, theory and simulation...

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+ Role of charge regulation and flow slip in the ionic conductance of nanopores: An analytical approach doi link

Author(s): Manghi Manoel, Palmeri J., Yazda K., Henn F., Jourdain V.

(Article) Published: Physical Review E, vol. 98 p.012605 (2018)
Links openAccess full text : arxiv

+ Intralayer and interlayer electron-phonon interactions in twisted graphene heterostructures doi link

Author(s): Eliel G. s. n., Moutinho M. v. o., Gadelha A. c., Righi A., Campos L. c., Ribeiro H. b., Chiu Po-wen, Watanabe K., Taniguchi T., Puech Pascal, Paillet M., Michel T., Venezuela P., Pimenta M. a.

(Article) Published: Nature Communications, vol. 9 p.1221 (2018)
Links openAccess full text : openaccess

+ Isotope engineering of van der Waals interactions in hexagonal boron nitride hal link

Author(s): Vuong P., Liu S., Van Der Lee A., Cusco R., Artus L., Michel T., Valvin P., Edgar J., Cassabois G.(Corresp.), Gil B.

(Article) Published: Nature Materials, vol. 17 p.152 (2018)


Preparation of individual carbon nanotubes by CCVD

Involved researchers: V. Jourdain, D.-Y. Kim, M. Picher, X. T. Than Collaborations: B. Lounis, L. Cognet (CPMOH, Bordeaux), P. Poncharal, A. Ayari, C. Journet, J.-M. Benoît, S. Purcell, A. San (...)

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Scanning probe microscopy studies on individual single-walled carbon nanotubes

Involved researchers : T. Michel, M. Paillet, R. Parret, A. Zahab Collaborations : P. Poncharal (LPMCN, Lyon), J. C. Meyer (MPI Stuttgart, Germany), Z. Wang (EMPA, Switzerland)
For (...)

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Vibrational properties of individual carbon nanotubes

Involved researchers: D. Nakabayashi, T. Michel, R. Parret, M. Paillet, J.-L. Sauvajol, A. Zahab Collaborations: J. C. Meyer, S. Roth (MPI Stuttgart, Germany), V. Popov (University of Sofia, (...)

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Involved researchers: D. Nakabayashi, T. Michel, M. Paillet, J.-L. Sauvajol Collaborations: P. Poncharal, A. Ayari (LPMCN, Lyon), J.-R. Huntzinger, A. Tiberj, J. Camassel (GES, Montpellier) (...)

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