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- Our latest articles : link.


- [Alexey BRODOLINE ] has defended his PhD thesis on 29th october 2018. The title of his work was ’Holographie numérique appliquée à l’imagerie 3D rapide de la circulation sanguine chez le poisson-zèbre’ and he was advised by Michel Gross (official supervisor) and Daniel Alexandre.

- [Delphine Coursault] Post-doc (2013-2014 with M. Nobili and C.Blanc) has got an assistant professor position in University of Bordeaux. She is developing her research in "Photonique et Matériaux" group of LOMA lab since September 2018.


- Young researchers potentially interested to apply to the CNRS in 2019 with the Soft Matter Team should contact us before 1rst october. Please email to


- Next 4th and 5th of July, the L2C Soft Matter team organizes a workshop in the frame of the meeting between Barcelona and Montpellier Universities. We will welcome students and researchers from the Physics and Physico-Chemistry departments of Barcelona University.


- A new GDR "Matière Molle" is in place since January,1st 2018. It is co-lead by Dr L. Ramos. More details can be found here.


- We are currently coorganizing the 14th European Summer School on "Scattering Methods Applied To Soft Condensed Matter (19 - 26 June 2018 in Bombannes).


- Mohamed Amine Gharbi (2008-2011, PhD supervised by M. Nobili & C.Blanc) has got an assistant professor position in University of Massachusetts Boston. He is developing his own research group since January 2018.




- Photo de MUSINO DafneDafne MUSINO has defended her PhD thesis on ’Impact of surface modification on the structure and dynamics of silica-polymer nanocomposites’ (24th of november 2017). Her reviewers were : Silvina Cerveny (San Sebastian) and Paul Sotta (Lyon), Thomas Hellweg (Bielefeld), Hubert Mutin (Montpellier), Thomas Chaussée (Solvay), Anne-Caroline Genix and Julian Oberdisse.


- Photo de Jeridi HayfaHayfa Jeridi has defended her PhD thesis on ’Behavior of colloidal particles in nematic films’ (7th of July 2017) in University of Tunis and in strong collaboration with C. Blanc (L2C).


- The article of Antigoni Theodoratou et al ’Vegetable oil hybrid films cross-linked at the air-water interface : formation kinetics and physical characterization’ features on the cover page of Soft Matter.


Before 2017


  • Congratulations to Anne-Caroline Genix, who received the prize of the French Physical Society and the GFP French Polymer Group for her works on polymer nanocomposites (2016), click !.
  • Matthieu GEORGE and Anne-Caroline GENIX joined the Soft Matter Team as a premanent staff members (2016).
  • Congratulations to Valantin Roger with a successful PhD defense, "Viscosity and Microscopic dynamics in dense colloidal suspensions" (Dec. 2015).
  • Congratulations to Xiaolu Wang with a successful PhD defense, "Janus Colloids Surfing at the Surface of Water" (Dec. 2015).
  • Congratulations to Céline Schmitt with a successful PhD defense, "Surface modification of oxide nanoparticles using phosphonic acids : characterization, surface dynamics, and dispersion in sols and in nanocomposites" (Dec. 2015).
  • Pascal Fabre joined the Soft Matter Team as a premanent staff member (2015).
  • Congratulations to Clara VERNAY with a successful PhD defense, "Déstabilisation de nappes liquides d’émulsions diluées" (Nov. 2015).
  • Congratulations to Domenico TRUZZOLILLO who obtained a CR2 CNRS position ! He will continue his research in our Team as a permanent staff member (October 2015).
  • Congratulations to Laura CASANELLAS VILAGELIU who obtained a "maître de conférence" position in our Team at L2C (September 2015).
  • Congratulations to Cyrille CLAUDET who obtained a "Ingénieur de Recherche en rhéologie des matériaux" position at Laboratoire de Physique de la Matière Condensée (LPMC), Nice (2015).
  • Daniel Alexandre joined the Soft Matter Team as a premanent staff member (2015).
  • Manouk Abkarian left our Team to start his research activity at the Centre de Biochimie Structurale, CBS Montpellier (2015).
  • Congratulations to Giuseppe Boniello with a successful PhD defense, "Brownian motion of partially wetted colloids " (Feb. 2015).
  • Congratulations to Mohsen Dahesht with a successful PhD defense, "Unraveling the mechanisms for the structuration of gluten : a multiscale approach using model systems" (Nov. 2014).
  • Congratulations to Céline CHARBONNEAU who obtained a "maître de conférence" position at Institut de Chimie et des Matériaux Paris-Est (July 2014).
  • We are currently organizing a Softcomp topical workshop titled "Fracture of soft materials : from soft solids to complex fluids", 15-18 October 2014, website.
    The workshop aims at gathering experimentalists and theoreticians from various fields – soft condensed matter physics, rheology and mechanics, and material science – to explore new frontiers in soft fracture mechanics and to stimulate the coming-of-age of this growing field. It will be a place to discuss a variety of phenomena (brittle/ductile transition, elastic blunting, self-healing cracks, adhesive cracks, yielding in cohesive and repulsive soft solids, rheochaos, effects of large-scale heterogeneity, …) and to make a survey of the state of the art in designing model systems, non-standard experimental techniques and new theoretical developments.
  • We coorganize the CheMISyst "International Practical Summer School on Interfacial and Molecular Systems Chemistry" in Sept. 2014, info
  • In the framework of the Labex CheMISyst, we organize a workshop “Ultrasound and Fluid Interfaces” on May, 22 (2014) at L2C in Montpellier, see the link.
  • In the framework of the Labex NUMEV, we organize a workshop “Water Treatment : Fundamentals and Engineering” on March, 21 (2014) at IEM in Montpellier, see the link.
  • Congratulations to Serge Mora who obtained a professor position at the Laboratoire de Mécanique et Génie Civil de Montpellier (Oct. 2013).
  • The soft matter team is partner of the European initial training network SUPOLEN (Marie-Curie action for the Framework program 7)
    Supramolecular assembly of polymeric structures : a novel route to enhance soft materials properties(1-10-2013 to 30-09-2017) with two Marie-Curie PhD positions ( positions closed)).

Supramolecular polymeric assemblies represent an emerging, promising class of systems with superior versatility compared to their covalent polymeric counterparts. They offer exciting new opportunities for stimuli-responsive structures exhibiting reversible tunable properties, with applications in foodstuff, coatings , cost-efficient processes or biomedical areas.The project is highly interdisciplinary and inter-sectorial, the groups involved are world-leaders in their fields, and the tasks and partners are strategically linked. SUPOLEN reflects European leadership in the field. It offers young researchers a unique training platform with appropriate exposure to a broad range of emerging topics in soft matter and to the industrial sector. It will provide them with the needed tools for addressing relevant scientific and technological challenges.

  • Congratulations to Octavio Eduardo Albarran Arriagada with a successful PhD defense, "How curling dynamics in gift ribbons works" (Dec. 2013).
  • The Labex CheMISyst and our team organize a Workshop "Equilibres statiques et dynamiques de l’eau "adsorbée" dans les systèmes poreux auto-assemblés" et "pressions osmotiques" (13 dec. 2013, Université d’Avignon).
  • Congratulations to Guillaume Foyart with a successful PhD defense, "Fractures et instabilités de fluides viscoélastiques en cellule de Hele-Shaw" (Nov. 2013).
  • Congratulations to Guilhem P. Baeza with a successful PhD defense, "Simplified industrial nanocomposites" (Nov. 2013).
  • The Labex CheMISyst and our team organize a Workshop on "Pickering Emulsions" link (Jun. 2013).
  • Manouk Abkarian has received the bronze medal of CNRS (2012).
  • Teresa Lopez-Leon has obtained a CNRS position at ESPCI, lab Gulliver.
  • The article by Neda Ghofraniha et al features on the cover page of ’Soft Matter’.
  • Congratulations to Nathalie Casanova with a successful PhD defense, "Compréhension du mécanisme d’invasion des globules rouges par Plasmomodium Falciparum : Apport de l’étude de la motilité du parasite sur substrat rigide" (Dec. 2012)
  • Congratulations to Elisa Tamborini with a successful PhD defense,
    "Colloidal metallurgy : structure and mechanical properties of a model colloidal system as an analog of atomic polycrystals"(Dec. 2012).