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  • Our latest articles : link.
  • Congratulations to Anne-Caroline Genix, who received the prize of the French Physical Society and the GFP French Polymer Group for her works on polymer nanocomposites (2016), click !.
  • Matthieu GEORGE and Anne-Caroline GENIX joined the Soft Matter Team as a premanent staff members (2016).
  • Congratulations to Valantin Roger with a successful PhD defense, "Viscosity and Microscopic dynamics in dense colloidal suspensions" (Dec. 2015).
  • Congratulations to Xiaolu Wang with a successful PhD defense, "Janus Colloids Surfing at the Surface of Water" (Dec. 2015).
  • Congratulations to Céline Schmitt with a successful PhD defense, "Surface modification of oxide nanoparticles using phosphonic acids : characterization, surface dynamics, and dispersion in sols and in nanocomposites" (Dec. 2015).
  • Pascal Fabre joined the Soft Matter Team as a premanent staff member (2015).
  • Congratulations to Clara VERNAY with a successful PhD defense, "Déstabilisation de nappes liquides d’émulsions diluées" (Nov. 2015).
  • Congratulations to Domenico TRUZZOLILLO who obtained a CR2 CNRS position ! He will continue his research in our Team as a permanent staff member (October 2015).
  • Congratulations to Laura CASANELLAS VILAGELIU who obtained a "maître de conférence" position in our Team at L2C (September 2015).
  • Congratulations to Cyrille CLAUDET who obtained a "Ingénieur de Recherche en rhéologie des matériaux" position at Laboratoire de Physique de la Matière Condensée (LPMC), Nice (2015).
  • Daniel Alexandre joined the Soft Matter Team as a premanent staff member (2015).
  • Manouk Abkarian left our Team to start his research activity at the Centre de Biochimie Structurale, CBS Montpellier (2015).
  • Congratulations to Giuseppe Boniello with a successful PhD defense, "Brownian motion of partially wetted colloids " (Feb. 2015).
  • Congratulations to Mohsen Dahesht with a successful PhD defense, "Unraveling the mechanisms for the structuration of gluten : a multiscale approach using model systems" (Nov. 2014).
  • Congratulations to Céline CHARBONNEAU who obtained a "maître de conférence" position at Institut de Chimie et des Matériaux Paris-Est (July 2014).
  • We are currently organizing a Softcomp topical workshop titled "Fracture of soft materials : from soft solids to complex fluids", 15-18 October 2014, website.
    The workshop aims at gathering experimentalists and theoreticians from various fields – soft condensed matter physics, rheology and mechanics, and material science – to explore new frontiers in soft fracture mechanics and to stimulate the coming-of-age of this growing field. It will be a place to discuss a variety of phenomena (brittle/ductile transition, elastic blunting, self-healing cracks, adhesive cracks, yielding in cohesive and repulsive soft solids, rheochaos, effects of large-scale heterogeneity, …) and to make a survey of the state of the art in designing model systems, non-standard experimental techniques and new theoretical developments.
  • We coorganize the CheMISyst "International Practical Summer School on Interfacial and Molecular Systems Chemistry" in Sept. 2014, info
  • In the framework of the Labex CheMISyst, we organize a workshop “Ultrasound and Fluid Interfaces” on May, 22 (2014) at L2C in Montpellier, see the link.
  • In the framework of the Labex NUMEV, we organize a workshop “Water Treatment : Fundamentals and Engineering” on March, 21 (2014) at IEM in Montpellier, see the link.
  • Congratulations to Serge Mora who obtained a professor position at the Laboratoire de Mécanique et Génie Civil de Montpellier (Oct. 2013).
  • The soft matter team is partner of the European initial training network SUPOLEN (Marie-Curie action for the Framework program 7)
    Supramolecular assembly of polymeric structures : a novel route to enhance soft materials properties(1-10-2013 to 30-09-2017) with two Marie-Curie PhD positions ( positions closed)).

Supramolecular polymeric assemblies represent an emerging, promising class of systems with superior versatility compared to their covalent polymeric counterparts. They offer exciting new opportunities for stimuli-responsive structures exhibiting reversible tunable properties, with applications in foodstuff, coatings , cost-efficient processes or biomedical areas.The project is highly interdisciplinary and inter-sectorial, the groups involved are world-leaders in their fields, and the tasks and partners are strategically linked. SUPOLEN reflects European leadership in the field. It offers young researchers a unique training platform with appropriate exposure to a broad range of emerging topics in soft matter and to the industrial sector. It will provide them with the needed tools for addressing relevant scientific and technological challenges.

  • Congratulations to Octavio Eduardo Albarran Arriagada with a successful PhD defense, "How curling dynamics in gift ribbons works" (Dec. 2013).
  • The Labex CheMISyst and our team organize a Workshop "Equilibres statiques et dynamiques de l’eau "adsorbée" dans les systèmes poreux auto-assemblés" et "pressions osmotiques" (13 dec. 2013, Université d’Avignon).
  • Congratulations to Guillaume Foyart with a successful PhD defense, "Fractures et instabilités de fluides viscoélastiques en cellule de Hele-Shaw" (Nov. 2013).
  • Congratulations to Guilhem P. Baeza with a successful PhD defense, "Simplified industrial nanocomposites" (Nov. 2013).
  • The Labex CheMISyst and our team organize a Workshop on "Pickering Emulsions" link (Jun. 2013).
  • Manouk Abkarian has received the bronze medal of CNRS (2012).
  • Teresa Lopez-Leon has obtained a CNRS position at ESPCI, lab Gulliver.
  • The article by Neda Ghofraniha et al features on the cover page of ’Soft Matter’.
  • Congratulations to Nathalie Casanova with a successful PhD defense, "Compréhension du mécanisme d’invasion des globules rouges par Plasmomodium Falciparum : Apport de l’étude de la motilité du parasite sur substrat rigide" (Dec. 2012)
  • Congratulations to Elisa Tamborini with a successful PhD defense,
    "Colloidal metallurgy : structure and mechanical properties of a model colloidal system as an analog of atomic polycrystals"(Dec. 2012).