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Strong Dynamics at the Electroweak Scale

par Dominique CARON - publié le , mis à jour le

All seminars will take place in the room "Grande Ourse", Bâtiment 13, 1st floor.

Organisers : Michele Frigerio, Marc Knecht, Jean-Loïc Kneur

  • Wednesday 6 December
    • 15:00 Gabriele Ferretti
      UV-complete composite Higgs models and their collider signatures
    • 17:00 David Schaich
      Strongly-coupled new physics on the lattice
  • Thursday 7 December
    • 10:00 Maurizio Piai
      Hierarchy of scales in strongly-coupled theories
    • 14:00 Discussion on strong dynamics at the electroweak scale
      (with a 30-minutes talk by Nicolas Bizot : Analysis of the spectrum of composite resonances)
    • 16:00 Javi Serra
      Top quark partners : alternative scenarios and their phenomenology
  • Friday 8 December
    • 10:00 Alex Pomarol
      Higgs compositeness : expectations from holography and perspectives