- critical conditions for encapsulation by interface crossing at high inertia hal link

Auteur(s): El itawi Hassan, Lalanne Benjamin, Masbernat Olivier, In M., Phou T., Fromental J.-M., Massiera G., Le Sauze Nathalie

(Affiches/Poster) 25th international conference on bioencapsulation (nantes, FR), 2017-07-03

Ref HAL: hal-01631426_v1
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Our project is focused on the development of a continuous encapsulation process based on the crossing of an interface by droplets of an active ingredient that have to be encapsulated. The aqueous drops are injected in an organic phase, and as the system rotates each drop is driven outwards until it reaches the interface. Under adequate conditions, it crosses the interface and at a high inertia it drives a volume of organic phase which constitutes the coating