- Large nonlocality in macroscopic Hall bars made of epitaxial graphene doi link

Auteur(s): Nachawaty A., Yang M., Nanot S., Kazazis D., Yakimova R., Escoffier W., Jouault B.(Corresp.)

(Article) Publié: Physical Review B, vol. 98 p.045403 (2018)
Texte intégral en Openaccess : openaccess

Ref HAL: hal-01833590_v1
DOI: 10.1103/PhysRevB.98.045403
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We report on nonlocal transport in large-scale epitaxial graphene on silicon carbide under an applied external magnetic field. The nonlocality is related to the emergence of the quantum Hall regime and persists up to the millimeter scale. The nonlocal resistance reaches values comparable to the local (Hall and longitudinal) resistances. At moderate magnetic fields, it is almost independent on the in-plane component of the magnetic field, which suggests that spin currents are not at play. The nonlocality cannot be explained by thermoelectric effects without assuming extraordinary large Nernst and Ettingshausen coefficients. A model based on counterpropagating edge states backscattered by the bulk reproduces quite well the experimental data.