- Driven transport on a polymer: a model inspired by transcription and translation hal link

Auteur(s): Ciandrini L.

Conference: Rencontre de Physique Statistique (Paris, FR, 2018-01-25)

Ref HAL: hal-01938456_v1
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Many theoretical works have attempted to coarse grain gene expression at the level of transcription and translation via frameworks based on exclusion processes. Usually in these models the three-dimensional conformation of the substrates (DNA and mRNA) is neglected, and particles move on a static unidimensional lattice in contact to an infinite reservoir. In this work we generalise the paradigmatic exclusion process and study the transport of particles along a unidimensional polymer-like flexible lattice immersed in a three-dimensional particle reservoir. We study the recycling of particles in the reservoir, how the transport is influenced by the conformation of the lattice and, in turn, how particle density dictates the structure of the polymer.