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Photo de DORIGNAC Jerome
DORIGNAC Jerome      
Organism : Université Montpellier
Maître de Conférences
Room: 40, Floor: 1, Build.: 13 - Site : Campus Triolet

National Administration:
  • CNU
Local Administration:
  • Membre d'un pool d'experts
Curriculum Vitae:     
- 1995/00: PhD, Ecole Polytechnique (CPHT, Palaiseau).
- 2000/02: Max-Planck-Institut (MPIPKS, Dresden)
- 2002/04: LOCNET Fellow, Warwick University & Heriot-Watt University (Edinburgh).
- 2004/08: Research Assistant Prof. (Boston University, Boston)
Research Activities:     
Main Research Topics:
- Discrete Nonlinear Schrodinger Equations
- Discrete Breathers (classical and quantum)
- Vibration of Complex Mechanical Structures (MEMs and NEMs)
- Nonlinear supratransmission.

Projects participation(s):

Research Topics:
  • Nonlinear Sciences/Pattern Formation and Solitons [nlin.PS]
  • Physics/Mechanics/Mechanics of the structures
  • Nonlinear Sciences/Exactly Solvable and Integrable Systems [nlin.SI]
  • Physics/Condensed Matter/Quantum Gases
Last scientific productions :
+ Looping and clustering model for the organization of partitioning proteins on the bacterial genome arxiv link

Author(s): Walter J.-C., David G., Dorignac J., Geniet F., Palmeri J., Parmeggiani A., Wingreen Ned s., Broedersz Chase p.

(Document without bibliographic reference) 2017-06-30
Links openAccess full text : arXiv

+ Surfing on protein waves: proteophoresis as a mechanism for bacterial genome partitioning doi link

Author(s): Walter J.-C., Dorignac J., Lorman V., Rech Jérôme, Bouet Jean-yves, Nollmann Marcelo, Palmeri J., Parmeggiani A., Geniet F.

(Article) Published: Physical Review Letters, vol. 119 p.028101 (2017)
Links openAccess full text : arXiv

+ The growth of wind-waves in finite depth doi link

Author(s): Montalvo P., Dorignac J., Manna M., Kharif C., Branger H.

(Article) Published: Coastal Engineering, vol. p.49-56 (2013)
Links openAccess full text : arxiv

+ Nonlinear supratransmission revisited hal link

Author(s): Dorignac J.

Invited Conference: Nonlinear Waves in Optics NWO11 (, FR, 2011-06-28)
Proceedings: , vol. p. ()

+ Generation and dynamics of quadratic birefringent spatial gap solitons doi link

Author(s): Anghel-Vasilescu P., Dorignac J., Geniet F., Léon J., Taki A.

(Article) Published: Physical Review A: Atomic, Molecular And Optical Physics, vol. 83 p.043836 (2011)