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National Administration:
  • Expert ANR
  • Expert MSTP/AERES
Local Administration:
  • Membre du conseil du laboratoire
  • IUF
Research Topics:
  • Physics/Condensed Matter/Statistical Mechanics
  • Physics/Condensed Matter/Disordered Systems and Neural Networks
Last scientific productions :
+ Stretched and compressed exponentials in the relaxation dynamics of a metallic glass- forming melt doi link

Author(s): Wu Zhen wei, Kob W.(Corresp.), Wang Wei-hua, Xu Limei

(Article) Published: Nature Communications, vol. 9 p.5334 (2018)
Links openAccess full text : openaccess

+ Structuring and degrading polymer gels via catalytic reactions hal link

Author(s): Hugouvieux Virginie, Kob W.

Invited Conference: 1. Réunion plénière du GDR SLAMM (Solliciter LA Matière Molle) (Hyères, FR, 2018-11-12)

+ Fracture of sodium-silicate glasses: Insights from atomistic computer simulations hal link

Author(s): Zhang Z.(Corresp.), Ispas S., Kob W.

Conference: 15th International Conference on the Physics of Non-Crystalline Solids (Saint Malo, FR, 2018-07-08)

+ Developing interaction potentials for modelling oxide glasses hal link

Author(s): Sundararaman Siddharth, Huang Liping, Ispas S.(Corresp.), Kob W.

Conference: Réunion Plénière GDR ModMat 2018 (Paris, FR, 2018-10-15)

+ Ideal glass states are not purely vibrational: Insight from randomly pinned glasses doi link

Author(s): Ozawa M., Ikeda A., Miyazaki Kunimasa, Kob W.(Corresp.)

(Article) Published: Physical Review Letters, vol. 121 p.205501 (2018)
Links openAccess full text : arxiv